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Xevo TQ-XS Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

The Waters Xevo TQ-XS triple mass spectrometer expands the possibilities. One system. Every analyte. All the time.
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Get the analysis results you need, first time, every time with the Waters Xevo® TQ-XS mass spectrometer. It is the most sensitive benchtop tandem quadrupole instrument available. UPLC-MS quantitative studies factor into just about every decision made by scientists and there is a need to reach lower limits of quantification with an instrument that is accessible to all users.

Xevo TQ-XS Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer MicrosepFeatures

  • The newly designed StepWave™ XS ion guide is a unique combination of ion optics, detection and ionization technologies that give levels of sensitivity not previously seen. Neutral species are removed and ions are transmitted in a more focused beam to the detector by incorporating segmented quadrupole transfer optics in the second stage.
  • The new system results in increased signal/noise of 2x to 10x over its StepWave predecessor.
  • You can rely on consistent robustness over thousands of injections.
  • The Xevo TQ-XS system quantifies challenging compounds at trace levels, even if they are labile or show poor transmission efficiency.
  • The improved customer experience with tool-free atmospheric pressure ionisation probes allows scientists to perform routine maintenance in less than two minutes!
  • The Xevo TQ-XS incorporates the XDR detector, a photomultiplier detection system capable of quantifying sample compounds across a concentration range of six orders of magnitude. Scientists no longer need to dilute and re-inject samples in order to stay within the limited dynamic range of their instrument.
  • UniSpray™ enables ionisation of a wider range of analytes in a single chromatographic run. The result is an increased response across a wide range of compound polarities for a broader range of compounds. This makes it possible to consolidate several analytical methods into one, or eliminates the need to change ionisation sources between analyses.
  • Xevo mass spectrometers have interchangeable ion sources that can be fitted to, or removed from the face of the mass spectrometer in minutes, without the need to vent the system.


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