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ACQUITY Premier System – the next evolution in separation science

Minimize metal-sensitive analyte loss and improve recovery with the Waters ACQUITY Premier System for ultra-performance liquid chromatography analysis.
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The Waters™ ACQUITY Premier solution is the next generation in liquid chromatographs that combines the ACQUITY Premier system with ACQUITY Premier columns, featuring MaxPeak High Performance Surface (HPS) technology, which vastly improves analytical data quality and eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly passivation.ACQUITY Premier System – the next evolution in separation science Microsep

The ACQUITY Premier solution is designed to alleviate the problem of analyte/metal surface interactions when analyzing organic acids, organophosphates, oligonucleotides, phosphopeptides, acidic glycans and phospholipids by reversed phase and hydrophilic interaction chromatography.

For these analyses, the ACQUITY Premier system cuts the time from sample to results, improves analyte recovery and assay-to-assay reproducibility, to give separation scientists greater assurance in the integrity of their qualitative and quantitative analytical results.

MaxPeak HPS technology is a hybrid organic/inorganic surface technology that forms a barrier between the sample and the metal surfaces of both the system and column. By mitigating, or eliminating altogether, non-specific adsorption, the ACQUITY Premier improves peak shape and reproducibility for even the most challenging metal-sensitive compounds.

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