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Laboratory Weighing

High-precision weighing instruments

Discover unparalleled precision and reliability with METTLER TOLEDO’s laboratory weighing solutions. Renowned globally for their premium quality and high precision, METTLER TOLEDO balances and scales cater to a wide range of applications in laboratories, production facilities, quality control settings, educational institutions, and specialty stores. Whether you need to measure to the nearest 0.0000001 grams or weigh several hundred metric tons, we offer a comprehensive range of weighing instruments to suit your specific needs.

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Laboratory weighing refers to the precise measurement of mass or weight in a laboratory setting. This process is fundamental to many scientific and analytical procedures, ensuring accurate and reliable results across various applications. Laboratory weighing typically utilizes highly sensitive balances and scales designed to measure small mass changes with high accuracy.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Precision and Accuracy: Essential for obtaining reliable data and ensuring the validity of experimental results.
  • Sensitivity: Capable of detecting minute mass changes, often down to micrograms or even nanograms.
  • Stability and Repeatability: Ensures consistent measurements over multiple trials.
  • Calibration: Regular calibration and maintenance are critical for maintaining accuracy and compliance with standards.

High-performance laboratory balances and scales

Reliable analytical results require accurate weighing and METTLER TOLEDO’s trusted range of highly versatile balances offer precision, durability and ease of use to simplify workflows and increase efficiency.

Features include:

High-quality construction for durability
Constructed using high quality materials, the balances are built to last, with corrosion-resistant surfaces and ingress protection from water, dust and other particles.  

Excellent load cell performance
The load cell is high resolution, providing overload protection, accuracy and readability as low as 0.01mg. 

Stability with Smart Pan
The SmartPan weighing pan gives excellent stability for reliable results, regardless of the environment and includes built-in balance adjustment.  

Easy user experience and simplified processes
The weighing results can easily be transferred to a file, printer or network and a history log keeps an accurate record of all weighing activities. 

Customisation with accessories
METTLER TOLEDO balances are customisable with various accessories and peripheral devices for a wide variety of industries and applications.  

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