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Product Inspection Solutions

METTLER TOLEDO supplies high quality and reliable product inspection equipment for use in high speed, demanding manufacturing production lines.  Product inspection solutions ensure the safety, quality and integrity of your products.

The product inspection range includes highly accurate checkweighers, sophisticated metal contaminant detectors, innovative X-ray based inspection technology systems and vision systems, which can be either stand-alone or integrated into production lines using state-of-the art software to facilitate greater control and traceability in all processes.

Product inspection equipment has been designed to:

  • Ensure brand and consumer protection by using the most advanced technologies.
  • Increase productivity and profitability.
  • Uphold quality to comply with industry legislation and codes of practice.
Applications: Product Inspection, Food Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Chemical Industry, Non-Food Industries, Metal Detection Systems, X-Ray Inspection Systems, Checkweighers




Product inspection solutions encompass a variety of technologies and methodologies used to ensure the quality, safety, and compliance of manufactured products across various industries. These solutions are essential for detecting defects, contaminants, and deviations from specifications throughout the production process. Here are some key product inspection solutions:

1. Visual Inspection Systems:

  • Automated Visual Inspection (AVI): Uses cameras and image processing software to detect defects such as scratches, cracks, or misalignments on products.
  • Machine Vision Systems: Analyze images of products to ensure they meet predetermined criteria for quality, shape, and consistency.

2. X-ray Inspection Systems:

  • X-ray Inspection: Utilizes X-ray technology to detect contaminants, foreign objects, or defects within products, including food, pharmaceuticals, and packaged goods.
  • X-ray Computed Tomography (CT): Provides detailed 3D images of internal structures, allowing for thorough inspection of complex products or assemblies.

3. Metal Detection Systems:

  • Metal Detectors: Identify metallic contaminants in food products, pharmaceuticals, and other packaged goods to prevent contamination and ensure consumer safety.
  • Magnetic Separators: Remove ferrous contaminants from powders, liquids, and bulk materials during production processes.

4. Checkweighers:

  • Dynamic Checkweighing: Weighs products in motion to ensure they meet specified weight criteria, helping to prevent underfilled or overfilled packages.
  • Inline Checkweighers: Integrated into production lines for real-time weight verification and rejection of non-compliant products.

Smart product inspection solutions

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection systems include both stand-alone and fully integrated automated inspection technologies, designed to enhance productivity and ensure product quality and safety for manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other non-food industries.

The range of products include:

Safeline Metal Detection Systems: Automate critical processes and minimize recall risks.

Safeline X-Ray Inspection Systems: Detect contaminants, improve product quality, and enhance brand protection.

Garvens Checkweighers: Utilize advanced precision weighing technologies to reduce overfills and increase production line efficiency.

CI Vision:  Provides label inspection solutions that detect defects, reduce rework and product recalls.

For food manufacturers, the data management software, ProdX™, monitors all product inspection data in real-time, ensuring digital compliance with food safety standards.

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