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EasyPlus UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

METTLER TOLEDO’s new EasyPlus UV/VIS instrument line sets a new standard of versatility and convenience for quality control in food-beverage, chemical, testing labs, environmental and academia.  The EasyPlus UV/VIS spectrophotometers offer a 3-in-1 functionality to cover all required applications, saving investment and service costs, as well as training efforts.
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3-in-1 functionality

EasyPlus UV/VIS scanning-based spectrophotometers offer three measuring tasks within one compact instrument. They integrate conventional spectroscopy, colour measurement and water testing. Designed to facilitate routine spectroscopic workflows, they are easy-to-use and ensure accurate, repeatable measurements. Built-in validated methods eliminate calculation and transcription errors, increase data quality and shorten time to results.

EasyPlus UV/VIS Spectrophotometers Microsep

EasyPlus UV & VIS

Two models are available to suit your specific application.  EasyPlus UV is equipped with a xenon flash lamp and requires low maintenance.  EasyPlus VIS provides an economic option for the spectrophotometric analysis using visible light and an easy-to-replace lamp module for self-maintenance.

Conventional spectroscopy

Easily measure absorbance/transmittance at multiple wavelengths, or scan a spectrum of the sample with the customizable parameter settings and the peak finding function.  Exchangeable XPathHolders™ allow one to shift quickly between seven different path lengths to suit a wide application and concentration range.

Colour measurement

EasyPlus UV/VIS features 30 standard-compliant colour scales (e.g. APHA, ASBC, CIELAB, EBC, Gardener, etc.) to expand your versality in colour measurements.

Water analytics

EasyPlus UV/VIS allows efficient water testing with ready-to-use test kits and 150 validated methods. Measure low concentrations using long path length cuvettes with the Spectroquant® test kit or self-determined (quantification) calibration curves.  Small labs can now perform secure and accurate water testing directly at their premises.


The intuitive user interface with workflow guidance and integrated tutorials allows for simple plug-and-measure – even for untrained staff. Methods compliant to standards such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, and EPA eliminate the need for post-measurement calculation. Data acquisition, storage and display can be easily performed by the optional EasyDirect™ UV/VIS PC software. Additional functions such as closing the SmartLid™ to automatically start the measurement, increase productivity, and avoid time-consuming task repetition.

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