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DSC5+ – the new standard in Thermal Analysis

METTLER TOLEDO’s DSC 5+ features the new, advanced MMS1 sensor with 136 thermocouples and two integrated heaters for power compensation mode. Additionally, it employs heat flux technology, to provide superior performance and a more productive DSC.
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Innovative design

The innovative design of the DSC5+ sensor incorporates integrated heaters, allowing  the sensor to accurately self-adjust for heat flow with precision.  This ensures that the  DSC remains consistently calibrated across the entire temperature range. This capability not only saves users valuable time but also increases productivity through automatic instrument adjustment.


Power compensation and heat flux mode

The DSC5+ sensor, equipped with the FlexMode™ functionality, offers the flexibility to select between power compensation and heat flux mode, based on specific measurement requirements. Power compensation mode has a very short signal-time constant, providing excellent resolution and the ability to separate close-lying thermal effects. Heat flux mode exhibits minimal noise levels, which provides the highest sensitivity for the detection of weak effects or transitions.


High capacity sample robot with gas-purged sample changer

The DSC 5+ brings a combination of advanced hardware and software solutions resulting in a more productive DSC. Featuring a high-capacity sample robot housing  up to 96 sample positions and interchangeable reference crucibles, the crucible chamber can be purged with inert gas to prevent unwanted reactions before measurement starts.  The  removable crucible trays simplify and ensure reliable sample preparation.  When coupled with FlexCal™ adjustment and the powerful STARe software, including AIWizard™, these elements collectively elevate the efficiency of your laboratory.


Versatile temperature selection

The DSC 5+ has an unrivalled modular concept, offering the flexibility to choose the  operating temperature that precisely meets your measurement requirements.  This makes it the ideal solution for laboratories across various domains, including industrial development, academic research, production, and quality assurance.  The combined LN2 and intra-cooler, with automatic cooler selection, effectively reduces liquid nitrogen consumption over the entire temperature range.  The patented electrical heat flow adjustment guarantees superior measurement accuracy.

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