Thermal Analysis System DSC 5+

The new standard in thermal analysis. MultiStar™ sensor with 136 thermocouples. Power compensation gives outstanding resolution for separation of close-lying effects. Patented electrical heat flow adjustment saves time and delivers superior performance.

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Thermal Analysis DSC 5+

The new standard in Differential Scanning Calorimetry

METTLER TOLEDO’s  DSC 5+ features the new, advanced MMS1 sensor with 136 thermocouples and two integrated heaters for power compensation mode.  Additionally, it employs heat flux technology, to provide superior performance and a more productive DSC.


  • FlexMode™ technology – choose power compensation or heat flux mode for optimal DSC performance.
  • MultiSTAR™ sensor with 136 thermocouples – exceptional sensitivity for the measurement of weak effects.
  • Innovative robot – protect samples with gas-purged sample chamber.
  • FlexCalTM adjustment – save time and maintain accuracy.
  • Unique modular concept – compact design and ease-of-use.
  • Wide temperature range – from -150 to 700OC in one measurement.

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