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The HC103 simplifies routine moisture determination

The HC103 is a real all-rounder for routine moisture analysis. It measures moisture content in minutes and features a robust design, large color touchscreen and a setup wizard to help you get up and running in no time.
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When moisture content matters choose the HC103 halogen moisture analyser which combines proven METTLER TOLEDO weighing technology with fast halogen heating. The compact design saves space, while the robust components guarantee a long instrument lifetime. Whether you work in a busy laboratory or a harsh production environment, the HC103 is the perfect choice for quality control and in-process control applications.

Moisture analysis-300Features

  • With touchscreen operation and user guidance, the HC103 is convenient and easy to use. The graphical user interface with programmable methods, allows users to start a measurement immediately with just one click.
  • The robust design ensures reliable results irrespective of sample types.
  • Flat stainless steel surfaces make cleaning an easy task.
  • Halogen heating with accurate temperature control between 40 to 230°C and the high performance weighing cell, ensure accurate moisture results.
  • Clever features include the setup wizard and tutorial, leveling guidance and real-time drying curve.
  • Result reporting can be outputted to PDF or CSV and instrument configuration done via USB drive.
  • Intuitive to operate, the HC103 brings a new level of comfort to daily moisture analysing tasks.


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