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Simultaneous thermal analysis with the TGA/DSC

The TGA/DSC3+ analyser gives outstanding weighing performance with a low minimum weight on all balances for weighing accuracy.
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Get trustworthy results with METTLER TOLEDO’s TGA/DSC3+ analyser for the measurement of weight change and heat flow simultaneously. The TGA/DSC3+ has the latest METTLER TOLEDO XP micro- and XPU ultra-microbalances built-in as a complete thermal analyser. It gives position-independent weighing, automatic internal calibration weights and a wide measurement range for accuracy and precision.

Simultaneous thermal analysis with the TGA/DSC MicrosepFeatures

  • Analyse a wide variety of sample types at temperatures of up to 1600 °C.
  • A complementary DSC heat flow sensor simultaneously detects thermal events such as melting and crystallisation while giving precise transition temperatures.
  • The TGA/DSC3+ measures up to 50 million resolution points continuously down to 0.1 µg for a 5 gram sample weight.
  • Manual weight change is not required when switching between small and large sample sizes, meaning a wide variety of sample types can be measured in succession without user intervention.
  • In the industry standard qualification test, the MinWeigh determination, taking the environment in which a balance is located into account, the thermo-balance delivers repeatability at least two times better than other thermogravimetric analysers. This ensures that measurement uncertainties of weighing results on the lower end of the balance capacity are within defined limits.
  • Improved thermostating of the balance gives precise control even when close to a high temperature furnace.
  • The TGA/DSC3+ is now available with various TGA, DTA and DSC sensors with optimised balance beams, which offer better baseline quality, reliable weighing and simultaneous heat flow results at temperatures from ambient to 1100ºC or 1600ºC. This enables complete thermal analysis in a single step process, and makes a wider application range possible.
  • Various interfaces are available for hyphenated techniques like MS, FTIR, GC/MS or a sorption accessory.
  • All systems for evolved gas analysis (EGA) can be operated together with the sample robot for the automatic analysis of multiple samples.

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