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SevenDirect pH Benchtop Meter

Straight to the Point. SevenDirect benchtop instruments offer a straightforward measurement for a wide range of laboratory applications.
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Get straight to the point with METTLER TOLEDO’s SevenDirect benchtop pH meters. Developed for a wide range of applications to provide accurate pH, ion concentration, and conductivity measurements of almost any sample. Their ease of use, data handling options and robustness will delight discerning users.

SevenDirect pH meter

Operate with confidence

SevenDirect meters offer a straightforward measurement process due to the intuitive user interface of the touchscreen and simple menu. The ergonomic EasyPlace™ electrode arm allows precise positioning and easy insertion of the sensor into the sample.  Dedicated positions for calibration, measurement, cleaning and storage simplify operation.  Cable management and EasyMix™ magnetic stirrer ensure a tidy and compact workplace.  The rotating sachet holder simplifies multipoint calibration.

Secure & full GLP support

SevenDirect meters feature EasyDirect™ software to track your records for reliable data quality and GLP compliance.  Storing key information of every measurement and automatic  data transfer to PC or printer ensures accurate transcription.  Two-level user management protects settings. The guided verification process provides an easy way to check system performance with a clear pass/fail indication.

Robust and durable

SevenDirect meters are resistant to dust and splash water, even with sensors attached due to the closed connector compartment (IP54 in-use).  A replaceable cover provides for extra protection against aggressive chemicals.

Powerful measurement system

Combine SevenDirect meters with the right sensor and accessories for a powerful measurement system to match your specific industry challenges.  Ideally suited for food and beverage, chemicals, cosmetics and other industries.

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