Mass Spectrometry Course
(1 Week)

Mass Spectrometry Course - 1 Week Microsep

Mass Spectrometry (1 Week)


This course guides the attendee through the fundamental principles of mass spectrometry. Accurate mass and nominal mass spectrometry courses are available.

topics covered

  • What is a mass spectrometer? Where do I use it?
  • Components of a mass spectrometer
  • Common ionization techniques
    • Electrospray ionization (ESI)
  • The analyzer
    • Principles of quadrupole mass analyzer
    • Principles of TOF analysers
  • Types of mass spectrometry methods available (e.g. SIR, FULL SCAN)
  • The role of chromatography in MS
  • Setting up the system
  • GLP for LCMS
    • Solvents and Caveats
    • Ion suppression
    • Matrix effects
  • Developing MS Methods
  • Interpreting MS data
    • Calibration
    • Identification
    • Quantification

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone who is new to mass spectrometry or wants to build a strong foundation on mass spectrometry principles.


1 Week.

Part Numbers

3WM103 – R 67000.00 Excl. VAT per person

*Course Material only available in electronic format.

Course dates will be confirmed upon receipt of order number.

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