ReactIR 45P HL Process FTIR Spectrometer

45P_ReactIR Spectrometer

Process FTIR Spectrometer

In situ process FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) with ReactIR 45P HL provides in-depth reaction understanding, identifies process variations and determines reaction initiation, progression and endpoint. ReactIR 45P enables processes to be successfully moved from the lab to the pilot plant and production. Suitable for classified or hazardous area use.

  • Tracks critical parameters in real-time.
  • Process design and quality is improved.
  • Variation in continuous processes as well as batch failures are eliminated.
  • Sampling technology, probes and sensors assist in studying hydrogenations, Grignard reactions, halogenations, acid chloride reactions and other chemistries.
  • Available in a General Purpose (GP) configuration for field environments where area classified or hazardous safety compliance is not required for electrical equipment.



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