Empower – Custom Fields and Reports (1 Day)

Empower – Custom Fields and Reports (1 Day) Microsep

Custom Fields and Reports


This course focuses on advanced Empower 3 Software report publishing features, using the Pro interface to create custom fields, formulas and calculations.

topics covered

  • Understanding custom fields
  • Adding Sample identifiers using the keyboard or a selection from a list
  • Adding component specific numerical information
  • Calculations within and between peaks
  • Boolean calculations with peaks
  • Using text strings as the output for peak calculations
  • Reporting fields only within specified limits
  • Inter-sample and inter-sample summary calculations
  • Customizing headers and footers with logos and special information
  • Lining up information on the report page
  • Finding information for the report
  • Using Empower 3 software to generate reports for methods
  • Using data filters
  • Creating composite groups
  • Summarizing statistical information
  • Using overlay chromatograms and ordering tables
  • Summarizing component information for all results in a result set
  • Using composite groups to associate and order chromatograms and tables
  • Summarizing component information for all results in a result set

Who Should Attend?

Experienced Empower 3 Software users who want to customize the software to meet individual lab application needs.


1 Day.

Part Numbers

3WE202 – Training – R 7080.00 Excl. VAT per person

*Course Material only available in electronic format.

Course dates will be confirmed upon receipt of order number.

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